With a “rock star” last name, Joey Rockenstein, (his real last name,) knew he was destined for comedy, after learning the one thing he had in common from working various jobs ranging from “Pool-Lifeguard,” to “Waiter,” to portraying “Batman” at kid’s parties: it didn’t matter what he did… Joey was funny!

Joey is the youngest of four, raised in a strict Irish household. “Growing up, we didn’t have bed times; we had ‘last call’!”

Joey was never a fighter. As a kid, he knew the best way to get out of a fight was to make everyone laugh so hard that they forgot there was supposed to be a fight. And if that didn’t work… RUN!

Growing up in Camarillo, CA, Joey dreamed of becoming a professional basketball player. The only problem was, he sat the bench. Throughout junior high, high school, and community college, Joey sat courtside so much his friends nicknamed him “Jack Nicholson.”

After completing the BFA acting program at UC Santa Barbara, Joey, (also a Sig Ep,) moved to Los Angeles to pursue comedy. He went through the I.O. West improvisation program, and also seasoned himself as a writer graduating through the professional membership program at The Writer’s Boot Camp in Santa Monica.

Joey performs regularly at every comedy club in Los Angeles, and tours clubs around the country. He can be seen in the upcoming TV comedy, “Big Boy’s Neighborhood,” with Big Boy from Power 106 radio, and as one of the stars, writers, and producers of Good Times Web Series

Joey Rockenstein delivers comedy absolution everywhere he takes the stage. He is the voice of common sense, and the leader of the server revolution for waiters and bartenders everywhere.


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